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6 foodie stops with 60 hours in LA

Geez was it fun to be back in Los Angeles!! As much as I love being in a new city, meeting new people, and going on fun adventures, I have missed my friends and the city I have called home for the past 4 years. Fortunately, my class schedule gives me a three day weekend every week and with the MLK holiday, my three-day turned into a 4-day. So naturally I went to ~Los Angeles~

Because of the time change from East to West coast I couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked, but here are the highlights from my trip and all the spots you need to hit with limited time in the west coast sunshine.

1. Breakfast at Kreation Organic Juicery

Nothing gets more basic than eating breakfast at an organic juicery with chlorophyll infused water, imma tell you that right now. The cool thing about this place (i think) is that their menus are on iPads and they have a full service juice bar attached to their restaurant. They have locations on Abbot Kinney and on Montana Ave, but the one in Brentwood just opened up and it is way less crowded. So if you don't want to wait, definitely try this location. This location also has a wine bar which no other locations have! Plus there are plenty of cute shops and cafes to check out in Brentwood too!

What to get: Breakfast Wrap A & the traditional breakfast plate. Definitely check out their juice shots & syringes they are fun too!

2. Alfred Coffee & Tea, Brentwood

Alfred has got to be one of the trendiest coffee shops in LA. My favorite part about this company is that all their locations and cafe set ups are different. I think the coolest one is Alfred in the Alley because they have the most incredible breakfast bagel sandwiches. Some locations serve food, some don't--so make sure to double check the menu at the location you are going to! There is also lots of outdoor seating at this location, and therefore the perfect place to catch up with friends or people watch on a busy Saturday/Sunday morning if that is more your speed.

What to get: vanilla almond milk latte or matcha latte (both with almond milk)

3. Brunch/Dinner at Farm Shop

The Brentwood Shopping Mart is a must see if you are spending the day in Brentwood. There are so many cute shops (definitely not cheap) to walk around and food to try. The Farm Shop is tucked back in the mart and is part restaurant/deli. If you've ever been to Dean and Deluca it is kinda like that but smaller and focuses on selling locally sourced products (all from California). We stopped in for lunch after I arrived, and got something off their main menu and then a salad from the deli side (because we didn't want to pay $26 for a simple salad...).

What to get: Mike & Sons Farm Egg Frittata + Kale Citrus Salad

4. Freeze at Pressed Juicery, Brentwood

Freeze is one of my go-to guilt-free desserts when I am craving something sweet but don't want all the sugar or dairy from ice cream. It is made with the fresh pressed juices at Pressed Juicery and comes in 4 different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and matcha. My favorite combo is the vanilla chocolate swirl, but I make sure to taste all flavors every time I go because the texture and flavors aren't very consistent. All flavors are vegan too!

Also, exciting news, Kween & Co. Granola Butter is now a topping for Freeze in all California Locations. Granola butter is practically crack--whenever I buy a container it is gone in like a week...oops.

What to get: Chocolate vanilla swirl with berries, granola butter, and chocolate cacao drizzle (or chocolate chips...or both!!!)

5. Bottomless Mimosa Brunch at Brick + Mortar

I am so happy I finally got to try Brick + Mortar for brunch. It is definitely one of the most popular brunch spots on Main Street in SM because the food is great and the mimosas are strong. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good pic of the pizza, but it was crazy good. The crust was crispy, the egg was gooey, and the environment (and champagne) was poppin'.

What to get: Bottomless Mimosas & Breakfast Pizza

6. Drinks at The Bungalow, Santa Monica

If you want to continue the party after brunch, Bungalow is the perfect spot to hangout in the sun with friends and a drink in your hand. This place is usually packed on the weekends, especially when the weather is nice. It was like 75 on Saturday, and the line to get in was crazy long but totally worth it.

What to get: your favorite cocktail (highly recommend the sangria)



Honorable mentions & do-worthy substitutes:

1. Country Kitchen, Malibu

This place is a total hole in the wall but they have THE BEST breakfast burrito I have ever had. It is packed with crispy bacon, eggs, and the crispiest tater tots, ugh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Granted I don't feel the greatest after I eat this, but sometimes you just need a bomb burrito. If you're headed to Malibu to check out the surf or to get in an early morning beach walk, this is a perfect post-exercise treat to refuel.

What to get: Breakfast burrito with bacon, egg, and cheese (salsa on the side)

2. Brunch at Malibu Farms, Malibu

Located at the end of the Malibu Pier, is the cutest and most picturesque brunch spot in Malibu. Sun soaked, and decorated with white furs, cute books, and beachy decor Malibu farms is a destination for good eats & pics. They have another location at the front end of the pier, but I prefer the end of the pier because it is less crowded and more chill. All the food is delicious, but I love their breakfast menu more than the lunch/dinner options.

What to get: Breakfast sandwich

3. Drinks at Élephante, Santa Monica

This is one of the newest rooftop bars to open in Santa Monica and it is always packed. Their food menu is nothing special, but the bar is whipping up craft cocktails that are light and totally refreshing. Make sure you get a reservation, or else you might be waiting a long time for drinks. It was also way to dark to get a good photo of the drinks, but check them out on instagram to see what they are all about!

What to get: The Paradiso

4. Sushi at Sugarfish, Brentwood

If you read my NYC foodie guide, then I'm sure you remember my Sugarfish recommendation. Sugarfish is one of my favorite sushi places in the area because the quality just doesn't compare to any other place I have been in LA. Yes, you could go to Nobu in Malibu, but you will 100% be hungry after you drop lots of $$$ on tiny portions of sushi. Sugarfish is fun because you can get fun takeout boxes and have a picnic somewhere. Or, you can get it delivered, which is what we did, and ate it while we watched the Fyre Festival documentary--which I also recommend watching.


If you have any recommendations DM me on instagram @califoodielifestyle or comment below! Hope you enjoy the recs & have the best time in LA!


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