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My family moved to Houston after I graduated HS, so I haven't spent much time there besides school breaks. However, one of my favorite things to do when I am home for the holidays is to try out new restaurants in the area.

When they first moved to H-town the number of healthy options were slim to none, but the BBQ, Mexican, and fast food options were unlimited. As time went on, I started to notice that every time I came home there seemed to be more healthy spots popping up--and a lot of them were restaurants I recognized from California.

This past winter break I got to hit up some new and old favorite restaurants and wanted to share my list of top eateries in H-town. This past fall, H-town got two of my favorite restaurants from Los Angeles: Nobu and Flower Child. This spring there should be a Mendocino Farms opening somewhere in Rice Village so be on the lookout because their sandwiches are bommbbbb.

Local Foods

Local Foods is a must if you're visiting Houston. There are numerous locations all over the city and their food is always good. Now, I have tried two things on the menu, because I love the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich too much not to get it. The great thing about their menu is that you can turn any sandwich into a salad. So, if you aren't feeling a sammy but love all the ingredients in said sammy, you can get it made as a salad!! How great is that!

What to get: Crunchy Chicken Sandwich with Chips & Kale salad


This is my favorite and go-to Indian restaurant because of their fun lunch platters. I love trying new Indian dishes, and their lunch plates (thali) are perfect because they have a variety of small sample size dishes packed with flavor. You can choose from the herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore option too! If you're a vegetarian, Monday's are meatless!

What to get: Omnivore thali

East Hampton Sandwich Company

One of the newest restaurants to hit Houston is East Hampton Sandwich Company in the River Oaks Districts shopping area (aka the boujiest of shopping centers with matte black stop signs). The interior is bright, clean, and makes you feel like you're in a cute small east coast town. If you love authentic chowder, then you will love this place. They have a big menu full of different salads & sandwiches that can satisfy pretty much any fo your food needs.

What to get: The Fifty Fifty: Turkey, Bacon +Avo with mixed berries

Flower Child

First and foremost, the avocado toast at flower child is the bomb. I normally don't like to get avocado toast when I go out to eat unless they do something special with it because I can make it at home. But this version is so tasty, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. In addition to their #bomb toast, their bowls are also amazing--especially the Mother Earth. Also be sure to check out their tea/lemonade selection!

What to get: Mother Earth with Salmon + a drink

Roka Akor

I went to Roka twice this past break because I couldn't get enough of their lunch specials. The menu is a little more on the expensive side, but the quality of the sushi was delicious and totally worth it.

What to get: Lunch Special with Mizuna Salad and 6 piece sashimi set.


One of my favorite little juice shops for a post workout treat and sometimes a pre-grocery store snack (since it is right near Central Market). I haven't been able to try many things here, but I do love their matcha latte & ginger spice juice.

What to get: ginger spice juice & avocado toast

Noon Mediterranean

Foodie hack!! If you download the noon app you get your first meal free! But also this place is soo good and reminds me so much of Cava in Los Angeles. Basically this place is like a mediterranean style chipotle, where you can build your own bowl, salad, or pita wrap.

What to get: Salad with kale, chicken, cabbage salad, cucumber tomato salad, pickled onions, feta, tzatziki, hummus, and

Torchy's Tacos

There is a big divide between Torchy's and Velvet Taco fans. But if you are a true taco lover you would choose Torchy's because not only are the tacos amazing, their chips and queso are like crack. My family will sometimes go to Torchy's to buy their chips instead of buying them from the grocery store, that is how good they are. All of their taco combos are wild so take time to read them menu to really figure out what you want--you can never go wrong with fried avocado though...

What to get: Breakfast #6, Fried Avocado, The Democrat, and chips & queso


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