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Hey! My name is Hannah and I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Licensed Dietitian (LDN) with a Masters in Food Science and Human Nutrition. 

I guess you could say I was born into the field; My mom is a Registered Dietitian too! Growing up, my brother and I always had a balanced diet. Did my mom pack me a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich every day for lunch? Yes. Were there also fruits and veggies in those lunches? Absolutely.  Balance is key, and that is why all foods fit. 

In high school, I went through a strange eating period-- My stomach was crampy, I was always bloated, and I had ZERO energy. After a food allergy test and numerous doctor visits, I was prescribed a no gluten, egg, dairy, and peanut diet--or as I called it, a no-fun diet.  

This was definitely not the easiest diet to follow (especially living in Tokyo where I couldn't read food labels easily), but I found myself in the kitchen experimenting with Pinterest almost every day after school. It was at this point when I fell in love with cooking and creating healthy, food-restriction friendly recipes and created a blog called Hannah's Gluten-Free Adventure to share my journey with people who were also in the same boat.

Although I was able to incorporate all foods back into my diet, the time I spent on a restrictive diet taught me an important lesson, you have to make food taste good. My journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian was powered by my own struggles with food. My goal is to help people develop better eating habits, learn how to make good food (because good food = good mood), and inspire those to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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