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nyc food guide

Check out my travel guide from my Thanksgiving trip (and first trip) to NYC! I ate at a lot of fun, cute, and crazy delicious restaurants during my trip so I hope you enjoy this guide! For those of you wondering how I found most of these places, I spent hours on the apple maps app looking at restaurants and then once I found one I would check out their instagram to see what their food looked like!

Okay, so for the record, the majority of the places I went to were breakfast related. Why? Pretty much because I kept eating big breakfasts while I was in the city and wasn’t always hungry for lunch, so I’d either fully skip lunch or just eat a little snack and then have an early-ish dinner. WHATEVER. Anyway’s here we goo. Also, I added a list at the bottom of all the recs I got (ty everyone!), I couldn’t hit up all the places but I will definitely be making a trip back soon to try some new places!


1.Hole in the Wall, Financial District 

This was the first place we went to when we arrived in the city. We were absolutely starving, and fortunately this place was super close to our hotel in the Financial District! The cafe is super cute, very bright and upbeat.

What to get: Avocado Toast with Eggs & Bacon or Waffles & bacon.

2. Bubby’s, Tribeca

Ok so I didn’t realize that the Bubby’s in Tokyo and this one were related until I recognized the logo but how cool!! This place has the BEST pancakes so don’t come here trying to stick to your diet! Also, the fact that they have a combo with two eggs, bacon & a single pancake means they definitely know what’s up.

What to get: Griddle Special

3.Bouchon Bakery, Midtown

We stopped in this cute cafe after watching the Macy’s Day Parade because we were starving and completely frozen (thank you 20˚ weather). Honestly, was not expecting much from this breakfast sammy but I was BLOWN away. It was so yummy and probably one of the best english muffins I’ve ever had. wow.

What to get: BEC english muffin.

4.Two Hands, Nolita 

Y’all this place was so cute. I had heard a lot about this breakfast spot before coming to nyc so I had to check it out. Plus this place has one of the best Instagram aesthetics soooo no brainer. I don’t care how hungry you are, you have to try the banana & walnut bread. Get it for the table and share, you’re welcome.

What to get: Banana & walnut bread (to share) and the Brassicas Bowl

5.Plaza Food Hall, Upper East 

I was dying to take a stroll around Central Park the other morning so I stopped in the food hall in the Plaza Hotel beforehand and picked up a latte & some bircher. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic but there are tons of cute places to eat in the food hall so definitely check them out!

What to get: Bircher Muesli

6.Good Thanks, Lower East 

Ok, so I realized on my way to Good Thanks that almost every breakfast restaurant I ate at during this trip was an Australian cafe. They all kinda have the same vibe and similar food but they all put their own spin on things. I had heard a lot about the Australian scrambled eggs and had to try them. I don’t think I’ve ever had scrambled eggs this fluffy– they were so good!! Also, their menu is split into small, medium and big eats which is so helpful if you aren’t looking to get too much food!

What to get: Avocado toast + scrambled eggs or Gluten-free Granola bowl

7.Bluestone Lane, Financial District

This was the last stop we made before going home to Fl. Bluestone Lane is a cute little coffee shop located on Water Street (multiple locations) with turquoise and dark blue everything. This location has a limited, but still delicious menu. If you’re looking for more of a sit-down place, check out a different location.

What to get: Salmon toast + poached egg


1.Cava, SoHo

Ok, I know. Yes, this is a chain restaurant, BUT this place is not in Gainesville and I have been craving it ever since I had it in DC last month! I really don’t like eating at chains, but this is a true exception–it’s like Chipotle but Mediterranean!! What’s not to love!!

What to get: Salad with super greens, hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, tzatziki, half chicken half roasted vegetables, pickled onions, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers,  and lemon herb tahini dressing.

2.Sugarfish, Gramercy 

Ok, this one I had been to before in LA but I had to take my friend here because their sushi is fricking amazing and I have been trying to get good sushi for months now and Gainesville is just really lacking in the authentic sushi department (sorry gville). Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, but it is worth the wait I promise!

What to get: Trust me lite (or regular if you are really hungry)

3.Zenon Taverna, Astoria

Hands down the best Greek food I have ever had. My friend who came to NY with me is from Cyprus and insisted we go here for the best food. I didn’t have a chance to look at the menu, I just let my friend pick and we ended up getting something called Mezedes which is basically like a sampler of a variety of dishes. It was so so so good. I was also like so full afterward, but it was a good full not like a gross unhealthy full feeling.

4.Dos Caminos, Midtown 

MARGS & TACOS. Holy deliciousness. I met up with some of my sorority sisters for dinner and we had the best meal (minus somethings being a little too spicy). The guac is THE BEST and margs are on point too. They were also playing trap Christmas music which was quite interesting as well.

What to get: Guac, margaritas and steak tacos

5.Artichoke Pizza, Chelsea

So apparently white pizza with artichokes on it is a big thing and I was a little skeptical. I am a big veggie and pepperoni pizza gal but I was very open to trying the most popular pizza because it looked bomb and everyone around me was eating it so it had to be good. If you’re going with a friend and want to try two types of pizza, ask them to cut the slices in half!!

What to get: Artichoke and Pepperoni pizza

6.Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Downtown 

Met one of my friends here for Sunday Bubbles and had the best hummus & chicken fingers and mystery punch (lol). I’ve heard good things about their ice cream sandwiches too! They also have complimentary cotton candy!

What to get: Hummus & veggies, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks & a fish bowl.


1.Fat Witch, Chelsea 

I was beyond stoked to see that Fat Witch was actually a stand-alone bakery and not just a brand of brownie mix you can buy in the store. My friends and I  in high school used to make these all the time. Probably the best brownies I’ve ever had in my life.

What to get: Fat Witch Baby

2.Pressed Juicery, multiple locations

Y’all I couldn’t resist!! Literally, the best dessert place when you want a sweet treat but don’t want too much sugar and want to be healthy-ish. The freeze is made from their vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry almond milk and it is bomb. I always sample every flavor when I go because they don’t always taste the same so I recommend doing that as well!

What to get: Size 1 chocolate vanilla swirl with berries, cacao drizzle, and almond butter (and sea salt!)

3.Vive la Crepe, SoHo

Cute cafe located in SoHo and also in the Plaza food hall. We stopped here for dessert one night and the crepes were delicious. They also had savory and gluten-free crepes too so I’ll have to come back to try those.

What to get: Nutella and almond crepe

4.Maman, SoHo

Cute cute cute little coffee shop and cafe in SoHo! The cookies looked amazing but I was unable to try them because I was still too stuffed from my Greek lunch. I tried just a regular almond milk latte but their Chai is to die for, it’s less sweet and spicier. Definitely, recommend!

What to get: chai with oat milk


Thursday Kitchen



The Smith

Jacks Wife Freda


ELK cafe

Butcher’s Daughter (in LA too)

Springbone Kitchen

Sweets by CHLOE

Levain Bakery

Little Owl




Serendipity 3

The Standard


ABC kitchen


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