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my favorite winter skincare products

ok wow so this is my first ~lifestyle~ post, so hello! Let me just start off by saying that I am no beauty guru, and if you know me and see me on a daily basis, the amount of makeup I have on my face is minimal but I do take care of my skin by using other products!

I used to wear makeup every day, but recently I have been taking better care of my skin. Let's just say 2019 is the year of whole body wellness, including food, exercise/health , and skincare. In undergrad, I never made skincare a priority and honestly never took my makeup off at night before I went to bed. Fortunately, I was blessed with clear skin (thank you genetics & parents) so I didn't have to worry about breakouts, flare ups, or skin irritations. However, I have made it more of a priority to take off my makeup & rehydrate my skin every day. & before I go any further, I have to give credit to my best friend, Mary, who has one of the most intense/regimented skin care routines out of all the people I know and has tried to get me on a routine since freshman year of college. Well I am on one now & after using these products for a while, I'd like to share them!

Most of my favorite products are sample sizes because I subscribe to Ipsy and get 5 new skincare/makeup products every month! There are other subscription box services, but I like Ipsy the best because you get a fun little bag each month! I was a big BirchBox girl last year, but I wasn't a huge fan of all the samples, and I never got any tools--with Ipsy I get brushes and other makeup tools monthly! When i find products I really like in my Ipsy bag, I usually buy the full size product because I love them so much.


I am a big fan of the Kiehl's products and when I ran out of my sample size cleaner a couple weeks ago I went to their store in Houston and had to buy more. While I was there I did a full skin profile which analyzed my hydration status (which was 37% aka very bad) and showed my skin type (combination of oily/dry). We also talked a lot about various products and skin care routines (which idk if it was total BS, but it seems to be working so TY Kiehl's!!)

My favorite Kiehl's products are the ultra face cleaner, hydro-pumping re-texturizing serum concentrate and the midnight recovery concentrate. I also love Thayer's Witch Hazel toner because it gets rid of blackheads & makes my skin feel super clean. Every morning and night I wash my face with the ultra face cleaner and then I use witch hazel. In the mornings, I then use the hydro serum and a SPF face lotion. But, at night I use the midnight recovery and then the hydro serum.

My face had been really dry the past couple months and after I got into a good skincare routine, my skin was back to normal and hydrated! #tg.


If you haven't ever bought Frank's body scrubs you need to run to the nearest Ulta or Urban Outfitters and pick up a bag right now. I have been using this scrub since freshman year of college and I am still obsessed with it. It makes your skin feel sooo smooth and also makes you glow like crazyyy. I love using this once a week as an exfoliator.

My other favorite product and latest discovery is the Sol de Janeiro lotion. Not only does it smell amazing, but I have noticed such a difference after using it! It really helps to tighten, firm, and remove any unwanted bumps from your skin!


I have done a lot of damage to my hair in the past year with dying it blonde, and then back to light brown. As much as I loved my blonde hair at the beginning, I didn't want to keep up with it and continue to damage my hair. I have so many broken ends and my hair is curly on the bottom and straight on top so this moroccan oil really helps keep my hair tame.

Here are the links to all the products I mentioned above!

- Ultra face cleanser

- Hydro serum

- Midnight recovery concentrate

- Witch Hazel

- Frank's body scrub

- Sol de Janeiro lotion

- Moroccan oil

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