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my favorite school breakfast

Updated: Feb 2

Hello!!!! & welcome to the new and improved Califoodie Lifestyle website! If you follow me on instagram @califoodielifestyle, then you would have read (and not just liked) that one of my resolutions for the year is to be more mindful when it comes to eating meals. I just started my second semester of grad school, and looking back on last semester I learned a lot, not only about nutrition, but about my habits when it comes to studying, eating, and living a healthy life...

I have found that when I get stressed out from studying I resort to snacking. Usually it is not because I am hungry, but because I am tired of studying and stressed tf out. Fortunately, my snacking is usually a handful of nuts, a spoonful of almond butter or PB, or a piece of fruit. My favorite stress snack is hot chocolate, and I only drink it when I am SUPER stressed--like final exams for example. I isn't like the worst habit considering I choose the sh*tty sugar free version and mix it with water (I know, I'm THAT person), but I have come to find that it makes me more stressed.

In addition, I found myself not wanting to workout when I got stressed out because I always told myself that I could spend that time studying instead of running on a treadmill or doing a spin class. However, that was very stupid of me because there are literally SOOO many hours in the day and I spent quite a few of them watching Netflix when I could have been studying. (for the record I got good grades this semester, so I guess binge watching TV before a test wasn't my worst idea ever!!)

Ok ew sorry, this is such a long post and I hope you are not bored but I just had to preface what I originally wanted to say. SO. With my realizations, I have decided to be more ~mindful~ this semester and focus on INTUITIVE EATING. Why? Because I found myself stressing out too much about little things (that aren't of any relevance now) and it made me feel #stressed. Anyways, basically in the simplest of terms intuitive eating is like a mind/body (sounds very yogi) method of eating, where you focus on how the foods make your body feel, eat when you're actually hungry, and stop eating when you feel full. I've found that some foods make me feel icky and bloated after I eat them so I am thinking that through this method, I will be able to weed out foods that don't make me feel one-hundo.

OKIE so without further ado, here is what y'all clicked on the link for so here it is!! I'd like to kick this off with one of my NEW favorite recipes, protein oats!

This oatmeal is SUPER FLUFFY (and filling)!!😮 holy sh*t!

My mom has been talking about this recipe by @abbeyskitchen forever and this morning I decided to whip it up for breakfast! I changed her recipe slightly but it still turned out amazzinnggg.

This recipe uses less than a serving of oats (only a 1/4 cup compared to the 1/3 to 1/2 cup serving) but is packed with lots of protein because we added egg whites! (For the record I am a whole egg person, but I don’t think that would taste right in this recipe). I also used my moms homemade peanut butter which is k i l l e r 👅

ingredients: - 1/4 cup oats

-3/4 cup water

- pinch of salt - 2 egg whites

- 1/4 tsp cinnamon

- 1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste

- 1/2 banana (mashed) toppings: (you can add your favorite oatmeal toppings!) - peanut butter - chia seeds - cinnamon - cacao nibs

how to: 1. Over medium/high heat bring oats, water, salt, and cinnamon to a boil.

2. In a separate bowl whisk egg whites till frothy, then add to oats once most of the water is absorbed.

3. Add banana and vanilla and stir for 3 minutes until fluffy.

4. Top with your favorite oatmeal toppings!

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